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Marketing & the Digital World

Marketing is an activity typically pushed aside by business owners when things get busy. Not everyone has a natural ability to build and execute good marketing strategies, and that is sometimes due to proficiency with a computer.

That’s why this page contains workshops and training programs that tackle the Marketing aspect AND Digital Literacy skills. They tend to go hand-in-hand and develop together.

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If we can get our processes right, we nearly always get our business right. The growth stage for a business is all about changing processes to suit success.

The “Business Growth Program” is a customised, six-month exercise that includes aspects that are key to profitable growth. The Program begins by identifying and characterising your current status. It’s important to develop a baseline “starting point” in order to plan your objectives and track progress.

We then work together to build a plan that connects your current status to the way your business looks in the future. We identify benchmark objectives that help introduce change one step at a time, so that this all seems manageable and keeps you from being overwhelmed.

At a period when you’re likely busier than you’ve ever been, staying focused and collected is important. We’ll catch up monthly to have a look at progress toward your objectives and identify some specific actions that will help ensure achievement.

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If you operate a small-to-mid size business, or will soon start a business, this specialised workshop is for you.

Here, you’ll pick up practical, ready-to-use marketing skills and learn about the traits of successful marketing campaigns. After all, if you don’t market your business…who will?

During the two-hour workshop, you’ll learn about:

  • Powerful advertising terms
  • Using traditional advertising effectively
  • Managing social media
  • Public Relations Rule #1

You’ll go back to work with some Public Relations (PR) tips that will ensure you stand out from the competition!

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Anyone responsible for planning and using their brand or business’s social media should come along to this. You’ll quickly discover the foundations behind social media marketing and how you can use proven strategies for your own brand.There are fast-moving trends, techniques and technologies in social media…along with dangers. No one else has operated your business, so the right Social Media mix to can only come from knowing your business.

This training will help you compliment your own marketing plan with social media activity through planning, execution, and analysis.

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There’s no rule that says you shouldn’t enjoy the company of your customers. If you’re engaging with them on social media, why not enjoy it…have some FUN!Not only will you have a good time, you’ll give your brand an engaging personality and help people you’re interested in more than just selling them stuff.

Your customers will understand that you’re interested in them as individuals, that you’re accessible, that your content is meaningful to them and that you’re not boring.

Put these factors in front of the right market tribes and you’ve got some effective social media marketing!

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Networking is a fantastic way to make new contacts, build relationships with other small business owners and build your own business awareness.Throughout the year, we host a series of small business networking events with notable speakers. These are relaxed, yet professional, events where business-people have an opportunity to get connected with our business community.

Formal meetings typically have an official air about them, making it difficult to get a feel for a business’s “personality.” Our Business Networking events setting makes it possible to acquaint a business with a person.

This helps you share your story, stand out from the crowd, pass on referrals and become a powerful resource for others who align with your journey and goals.

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