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How many times have we looked at an important task and said, “I should do that…but revenue comes first.” Of course, that’s not wrong, but is there a point in time where the pile of back-burner tasks can build big enough to restrict revenue?

These Workshops and Training opportunities are here to ensure that doesn’t happen. Maybe it’s a process that integrates those tasks, a new tool that makes the tasks easier or some information on sourcing, and keeping, staff that can help.

It’s important to get in touch with us and ensure you choose the right opportunity.

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Does it feel like your business is running you sometimes? It’s easy to fall into that dynamic, but there are actions you can take that will set things straight.

It’s time to get back to working ON your business rather than working IN your business. It’s easier to understand how you can regain control with the help of some fresh eyes. Taking the time to meet with a BEC Specialist will help identify and improve aspects of your business you feel are sometimes holding you back.

This program will get you on track and ensure you stay there. You’re always welcome to re-enroll for another three appointments if necessary.

Get in touch with a Business Specialist to learn more.

You’ll become aware of classic business principles that may have eluded you. Some newer concepts will complement the principles and add some assurance to your performance.

Regardless of business type or size, there are a number of fundamentals that determine bottom line profitability. Ensure you’re across them can apply them directly to your success

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Recruiting good staff can be challenging. Consider how valuable your time is to your business and how little you can afford to go through a hiring process over and over in search of the right person.

Once you’ve found a good fit for the team, hanging on to each resource is equally as important. It’s a cold, hard fact that no one is going to be as invested in your business’s success as you.

Even after you’ve found a winner and created a happy balance between pay and productivity, how do you continue motivating the team to put forth an effort like yours? Imagine you’re in their chair.

It’s all a delicate balance, and you can have the skill to create a high-performing, stable team environment.

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Let’s admit it…not many operators start a business for their love of documentation. Record keeping is a necessity we all have in common. There are varied requirements for differing business types across all industries.

This opportunity is free for small businesses developed by the ATO. You’ll get an overview of record keeping obligations that come with starting and operating a small business.

Key aspects include employer obligations like Pay-as-you-Go withholding, superannuation and Business Activity Statements (BAS). The small business tax specialists will be able to answer some questions you have about your business specifically.

Keep an eye on The Calendar for upcoming workshop events.

Human Resources (HR) incorporates many aspects…basically everything that constitutes the “being an employee” part of a person’s job. There are a lot of records and processes involved, so performing HR functions well has great benefits.

Extensive research shows that greater employee engagement and motivation lead to greater productivity, creativity and loyalty. These things impact your bottom line.

As the business owner and operator, you’re a leader. You set the tone for employee performance by creating an engaged workforce. Let our BEC HR Specialists give you some suggestions that help ensure a positive environment for you, your business and your team.

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Whether you’re embarking on a role in leadership for the first time or looking to hone your skills, we can help you with the knowledge you need to get better results in business.

We’ll shine a light on your own leadership style to highlight both your strengths and weaknesses. This lets us have an open forum to talk constructively about the challenges you may face, and how you plan to approach them.

This skills training program is perfect for experienced leaders who want to unlock potential through coaching, developing leaders looking to explore various styles AND emerging leaders who are building a style right for them.

Leadership and Management are different dynamics. Come find out how you can practice both and lead your team to success.

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From Agribusiness and Logistics to Retail and Financial Advice, industries are guided by regulation…some heavier than others. The needs and reasons for regulation vary across industries too.

Agribusiness and Logistics focus on the operation to keep workers and the general community healthy and safe. Retail and Financial Advice is heavily product regulated to reduce liability risk and ensure customers can have confidence in their purchase.

Whatever the reason, there are key factors to successfully creating, implementing and practicing Business Compliance and Governance Principles. They should align with the vision and mission of the business, so activity isn’t a stretch to fit.

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