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Tag: Online marketing


Is Facebook working for your business?

7.5 MILLION! That’s how many followers Lipton Tea has for their Facebook page, yet their most recent post (31st May 2019) received 13 likes and 9 comments. That’s about 0.0002% of their followers, and Lipton is not alone here. Coca Cola has 107 million followers and their last post (11 May 2019) received 169 likes. […]


Can you measure how fast (or slow) your website loads?

Got a shiny new website? That’s great. Had a website for a while? Also great. Got a slow loading website? Maybe not so great. Websites are valuable tools for businesses, especially in the awareness and trust phases of a customers journey. Awareness: Helping potential customers find that your business exists in the first place. Trust: […]


Creating conversations – Get more customers using word of mouth

Q. What if 90% of your customers, referred your business to someone else. How much would that save you, in time, money, worry? In our upcoming workshop Creating Conversations–Get More Customers Using Word of Mouth, we feature one business who has done just this, and the way they did it will NOT BE WHAT YOU […]