Stop Sabotaging Your Business. Beat Procrastination

Stop Sabotaging Your Business. Beat Procrastination

Every person who goes into business wants success and to live a life they love. So what is stopping you?

There are so many reasons why we procrastinate, overwhelm, lack of focus, fear of failure or maybe you just lack motivation and hope that everything will be alright. Research tells us that we all procrastinate at one time or another, it is how much time you waste procrastinating that can do real damage to your business.

  • You will learn why you procrastinate
  • Learn easy and effective ways to stop
  • This webinar includes take away tools to help you to stop procrastinating and kick some serious business goals.

Stop struggling with procrastination today. Put in place what your business needs to ensure its success.

About Your Presenter

BEC Business Advisor Kathie Heyman teaches entrepreneurs and business owners how to clarify their personal and business goals so they can successfully sell their products, services and ideas. With over 25 years real world business, she has worked with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them realise their success.

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Business Connect is a dedicated and personalised NSW Government program that provides trusted advice to help you start, run, adapt or grow your small business.

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