Slideshow Presentations to Impress

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Do you struggle with creating the quality slideshows you see others presenting? Do you find your attendees lose interest and disengage from your presentations? You’re not quite sure what you should or shouldn’t put on a slide? Are you new to slideshows and want to start out on the right foot from the get-go?

Look no further! Join Karen Filo for an informative presentation that will help you transform ‘slideshow chaos’ into ‘presentation calm!’ You’ll learn how to create consistent, visually appealing, clutter-free, easy-to-follow slides with some helpful tips along the way.

This webinar is limited to 20 participants and will be recorded for viewing at a later time for those people registered with Business Connect.

About your presenter, Karen Filo

Dubbing herself ‘The Process Queen,’ throughout her career Karen has primarily been engaged in administrative and process roles. Whether it’s putting a product guide together, an employee handbook, a glossy publication, streamlining office processes, running a competition, preparing a tender, testing websites or managing operational projects, Karen employs a tried and trusted process to get any project from Point A to Point B successfully!

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