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The myRiverina website

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Went live: December 2019 (to date it has operated mainly under Covid conditions)

Visitors to the site: 4,913 (potential customers for your business)

Page-views on the site: 21,458

Business listings available exclusively to clients of BEC Business Advice

Created by BEC Business Advice, the myRiverina (www.myriverina.com.au) website is aimed at increasing your business’s visibility online, and ultimately help to grow your sales.

Many clients do not have a website so rely on other ways to make their business visible online. A listing on myRiverina is one way to do that.

For those businesses that do have a website, there are many other ways to increase your business’s online presence and drive traffic to both your door and your website. Again a myRiverina listing will help in this area.

Want your own myRiverina business listing?

The myRiverina business directory is available to clients of BEC Business Advice, whose efforts are supported by Government programs aimed at supporting small and medium-sized businesses. Signing up for our Digital Solutions program is part of this process.