Dispute resolution

Despite high levels of productivity, efficient processes, innovative tools and effective leadership, negative occurrences among team members can be debilitating to the business.

For issues that take place external to the business, a minor or formal dispute can really influence cash flow. The process takes a lot of attention away from the business and could have legal implications as well.

Not all businesses are created with a HR department or guidelines for handling disputes. Don’t despair, the BEC Specialists can help.


The NSW Small Business Commissioner provides dispute resolution services and quality advice through Business Connect. Thanks to NSW Government funding we receive, the first three visits are of no cost to you.


This mediation process includes a representative from each of the parties in dispute along with a staff member from the Small Business Commissioner offices. Staff will closely manage the mediation process, using their expertise to give you procedural and strategic advice.


The best outcome is to resolve a dispute through early informal discussion. If this isn’t possible, we arrange a formal mediation session to suit participants’ schedules.


Sometimes a formal mediation session is the first time each party has listened to the other side’s full story. Being listened to is the first step in progressing toward a solution.


We help to provide convenient facilities, free of charge, at a location close to you. If available, the BEC facilities offer a professional, confidential location to conduct formal sessions.


The mediator helps identify issues for discussion and helps keep things on track. Through the formal process, each party becomes better informed about choices and possible solutions to the problem.

Typically, a greater understanding of all perspectives leads to an agreed path of progression, often in the form of a binding agreement. Facilitating your control over the issues and the resolution builds commitment to the solution.

What do to

Get in touch with us if you’re involved in a dispute, internal or external, that could benefit from some impartial mediation.

The longer you leave it to “resolve itself,” the more likely it is to grow into something more difficult to manage.


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