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With the BEC’s area of operation serving as home to a very high population of Agribusinesses, we work with agricultural partners on a regular basis.

Agricultural business in this area accounts for over $3.3bn in revenue and 2.4m hectares of geographic coverage, home to many of the Australian economy’s significant industry centres.

With varied climates throughout the region, Agribusiness is diverse: Cereal Crops, Broadacre farming, Nurseries, Cultivated Turf, Hay, Veges, Fruit, Produce, Meat and Wool.

We can’t forget that these regions also produce world-renowned wines across a handful of different climate types.

The Point-to-Point (Taxi) industry in NSW is one of the largest fleets of transport service vehicles in the Southern Hemisphere

With new regulatory framework coming into effect at the end of 2017, it’s important for transport service providers to understand the options available to their business.

Although the regulation around duty of care to passengers is more defined, providers now have greater flexibility in how they ensure the obligations are met.

We can help with processes that ensure your business looks after its passengers, licences, registrations, records and accessibility requirements.


Retail in NSW is a big industry. Places like Sydney with large shopping centres do A LOT of business. Regional retailers work to supply and demand principles for their success as well…just a bit differently.

Our Business Specialists are experts in the Australian Retail space and have seen large and small operations achieve success.

With the right combination of strategies in finance, marketing, purchasing, production, staff management, product mix and customer care, you can achieve your goals as well.

With an increase in online commerce, the retail environment has experienced a great deal of change. Let’s work together to identify some of the new dangers and opportunities for your business.


The Construction industry is a great place to be, especially in our coverage areas of regional New South Wales. The industry is expected to grow over the next four years through a large number of government, residential and commercial developments planned.

With the largest number of business owners of any industry in Australia, it’s important to be competitive. Streamlining your processes, establishing a good finance system or effectively winning work in a competitive market can be the key to your success.

Population growth and development throughout regional NSW means Construction industry growth. We look forward to helping you establish your competitive advantage.

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