There are a handful of reasons you may be ready to exit from your business or exit your business from the market. You might be surprised at the number of options available to you during this time.

Whether you’re in love with the art of the start or have investors ready to collect their return, it’s important for you to have all the info on exit methods.

It helps to answer a few questions about what’s next.. 


These questions can be difficult to answer without already having business experience or the right resources. So, here’s some very specific, step-by-step, guidance on how you can get the answers you need.

Step 1 – Get in touch with us

The BEC Business Specialists have experience with the ways businesses can exit or change hands in the marketplace. They’re also familiar with the options for what happens after you close the doors or hand over the keys. We’d love to help you align your exit strategy with your goals for the future.

Step 2 – Check out the Workshops

In reflection, you might find there’s a few things you would do differently the second time around. If you have questions about location or whether the workshop is right for you, let us know. With innovative technology in the learning environment, there’s a lot we can do to ensure your business is ready to grow. If you’ve got the WILL, we’ve got the WAY.

Step 3 – Visit the Resources & Documents section

If you want to ensure your business records are ready to be finalised, have a look through our resource library. If you can’t find what you’re after or have questions about anything, let us know.


To some, an exit strategy sounds negative. We believe the best reason for an exit strategy is to optimise a good situation, rather than get out of a bad one. Together, we can turn your exit strategy into a successful transition.

Get in touch with us to tell us about your business, or have a click around to find out more about our services.



Your business is unique, and here are some of the ways we can help.

Learn about the BEC Specialists and how their experience can benefit you. Remember, we cover a large area – Gundagai to Broken Hill.

Our business community
Being active in your local business community offers lots of benefits. From start-up to exit, the experts in your area have done it all. Tap into the advice, referrals and alliances your network has to offer.

Is your business in one of these industries? If so, we have highly-developed resources and support that can help you make progress toward success.