We help local businesses by offering a large range of services to business owners and their staff, which you can read more about below.

We can’t list everything. There are likely hundreds of other ways we have helped business over time, so if your particular need is not mentioned here, don’t hesitate to contact one of our Business Advisors for a chat about how we could possibly help you.

Specialist Services

The BEC Business Specialists’ priority is to enable you – the business owner. Calling in a specialist for certain situations gives you peace of mind that the outcome will adhere to industry practices and carry a high level of credibility.

For start-up businesses (or thinking about it)

Even if you’re just thinking of operating your own business, you’ve started on an empowered path. New let’s do some work to build that confidence even more. There’s a few questions that you should want answers to before diving into the deep end.

Growing your business

You’ve done it! You’ve taken the leap, planned your business, sorted tools and resources, possibly opened a shop front or office and gotten clients through the doors.

For Established Businesses

Your business is where you want it. Processes efficiently connect input to output, the books reliably reconcile, your pipeline is dependable and your product meets quality standards. Now is the time to work ON your business instead of staying busy working IN your business.

Exiting your Business

There are a handful of reasons you may be ready to exit from your business or exit your business from the market. You might be surprised at the number of options available to you during this time.
Whether you’re in love with the art of the start or have investors ready to collect their return, it’s important for you to have all the info on exit methods.

Industry Specific

Point-to-Point Taxi
Construction Services