How to run a WINNING Competition!

How to run a WINNING Competition!

Have you always wanted to run a winning competition but just weren’t sure how to go about it? How to ensure it’s a success? How to navigate the regulatory ins and outs? How to decide what type of competition is best for your product or service?

Competitions are a fabulous marketing strategy and offer a range of benefits for your business! There’s a competition for all your needs, no matter how big or small your business is. In this webinar, Karen will guide you through running a successful competition from idea, brainstorming, and planning through to launch, promotion, and awarding the winner, along with some hard-learned hints and tips!

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Our guest speaker

Dubbing herself ‘The Process Queen,’ throughout her career Karen Filo has primarily been engaged in administrative and process roles. Whether it’s putting a product guide together, an employee handbook, a glossy publication, streamlining office processes, running a competition, preparing a tender, testing websites or managing operational projects, Karen employs a tried and trusted process to get any project from Point A to Point B successfully!

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