myRiverina passes 27,000 page views

myRiverina passes 27,000 page views

myRiverina, the website created by the BEC to help promote local businesses across the area has recently passed 27,000 views.

The main goal of the site is to draw attention to local businesses, specifically targeting visitors to the area who traditionally bring millions of dollars into local economies.

The fact that the site has received so much traffic during a period entirely dominated by the Covid pandemic is pleaseing, and shows the continued interest in what our area has to offer, even when access to it is limited.

The site currently lists 262 businesses, all located across the Murray, Riverina, Snowy, and far-west areas of NSW, and provides each business a dedicated page where business owners can submit information on their business, themselves, their products, as well logos, images, opening times as well as links to their own website and social media channels if they have them.

Michael Douglass, who leads the digital program at the BEC said:

“The visitor economy is worth huge amounts to the region and the site was designed solely to tap into these visitors and show them the great local businesses we have. Our goal was to attract much more traffic to businesses than the amount we have so far”.

“There are still a lot of businesses who don’t have a website or social media, but even if they do, any additional presence for the business online is only a good thing. Covid has proven a very difficult time for many, including businesses, and it was disappointing to launch the myRiverina website with the hope of helping these businesses and then have the pandemic hit almost immediately after”.

Despite not hitting their own goals for the site, the BEC still has plans to expand it. The site will be upgraded in the coming months so that it can accommodate more businesses as well as improve the interface for visitors.

Enquiries related to the myRiverina website can be directed to Michael Douglass, Head of ASBAS Digital Solutions for BEC Business Advice.

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