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Market your business online – The basics

Cottontail Wines

Market your business online – The basics

Are you trying to market your business online? Having your business found online using online marketing can help grow your business and revenue in more ways than you probably realise.

For starters, the majority of consumers just expect to find a business online, and they expect to do so quickly and easily.

Cottontail Wines, winery and restaurant (the main image above) is just one of over 100 local businesses that utilise the digital advice services we offer.

Find them at www.cottontailwines.com.au

Think of the last time you were after a product or service. It’s likely you used Google to search for it (as most people today are doing), and maybe Google Maps to get to it, or Google My business to click through to a companies website, or find their phone number, or even their opening hours.

Then again you may have gone through a similar process but used a different service such as Bing instead of Google.

If your business is not amongst the results, then you are missing out.

But what many business owners don’t realise (especially in rural areas) is that being rural, the competition for being found online is much, much less than the higher populated areas.

This means that even covering the basics of putting your business online can deliver real results to you, the business owner.

And the best thing is

And the best thing about these basics steps is that they are generally free, easy to do, and require little ongoing maintenance to keep them relevant and silently working in the background.

What’s the next best thing?

The next best thing is that we, BEC Business Advice can do the leg work for you.

As a deliverer of the Federal Government’s ASBAS program, BEC Business Advice delivers services to help your business achieve success in everything digital, including marketing your business online.


Having a business presence online is essentially a must these days, but what many business owners don’t realise is how quick and easy it is to put at least the essential basic steps into action.

Even better, BEC Business Advice can do the leg work for you.

Next step

Get your basic business presence online by contacting our Digital Advisor, Michael Douglass:

Email: mdouglass@becadvice.com.au

Telephone: 0401 924 444

Read more about our Digital Business Advice program here.

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