Long or short Facebook posts. Which is better?

Long or short Facebook posts. Which is better?
Should your Facebook posts be as long as War and Peace? Or is short better?

If you have your own business in this day and age, there’s a good chance you also have a Facebook Business Page. 

A Facebook Business Page can be an effective way to find new customers for your business, but to be most effective also requires regular and ongoing activity, such as regularly posting engaging content to the page.

If you don’t already know, a post is a comment, image or another type of media that is posted to your Business page wall and is visible (and hopefully engaging or useful) to existing and potential customers.

Of the businesses we have worked with since introducing the ASBAS Digital Solutions program to this area in September 2018 (around 175 businesses so far), we have seen that most business owners are posting to their Business page in some manner, some 6 months ago, some many times per week. Most have at least tried to use it as a way to grow their business.

Many of you who have an interest in using Facebook to grow your business, have likely come across a lot of opinions on how to do it well, and like Business pages, opinions on this subject are not in short supply.

That is what makes this recent data from Social Media Labs so interesting. This is an organisation that looks at the popular opinions and strategies currently in use and tries to examine their effectiveness in a more scientific fashion.

How they conducted the Facebook posting experiment

To answer this, Social Media Labs conducted an experiment where they posted to 3 different Facebook Business pages with between 4,300 and 53,000 likes. Posts were done every day for a period of 20 days.

Each page had both a short Facebook post (less than 140 characters) and a long Facebook post (more than 140 characters, with no maximum character cap).

To measure which strategy was best, they measured results for:

  • Reach (how many people saw the post)
  • Clicks (how many clicks were on the post. These could be in comments, “see more” in the text, clicks on the photo, link clicks, etc)
  • Likes
  • Comments

So what worked best? Long Facebook posts, or short Facebook posts?

Reach: Short posts achieved 34.57% higher Reach.
Clicks: Clicks were 82.33% higher on short posts.
Likes: Data shows short posts had 91.39% more Likes.
Comments: Comments were 50% higher on short posts.
Statistical significance: The results were found to have a statistical significance of 100% (so without a doubt).

Every stat weighed heavily in favour of short posts on Facebook.


Based on these results short posts on Facebook outperform long posts.

This is likely due to the mobile nature of social media, which almost encourages a shorter attention span (think of checking your Facebook feed while in line at the supermarket, or in between doing actual work at work).

As a business owner, you are also a marketer, so your job is to stop the scroll by enticing your followers to engage with your content, and shorter posts on Facebook appear to do just that.

The challenge will be, what engaging content can you regularly come up with that fits into 140 characters in length?

Try to make shorter posts a focus for a period of time and conduct your own measurements. Do you get more reach, clicks, likes and comments with shorter posts?

Let us know the result! We’re into this sort of thing.

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