Leverage Your Lockdown

Leverage Your Lockdown

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Lockdown has many of us unable to run our businesses as we have done in the past and can leave you feeling flat. In this 1 hour webinar, BEC Business Advisor Emily Doig will share with you some of the tactics she has leveraged with clients over the past few weeks to help them to pivot (yes we know, it’s a terrible word) and prime their businesses for lockdown and beyond. If you’re working from home, feel free to wear your PJ’s.

About the presenter, Emily Doig

Emily has 15 years of experience in online retail and e-commerce, her expertise spans from start-up to scaling online brands right through to selling and exiting.

Emily an expert in product development, branding, product marketing and e-commerce customer experience and has a passion for creating lean, automated, and profitable businesses.

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