John Elgin

John Elgin

John is the Managing Director of BEC Business Advice and focuses mainly on administering the business, but occasionally is let out, when he creates some time, to work with on advising and creating opportunities for a select number of small businesses, mostly involved in agriculture.

Starting his career in the mid-80’s, he has over 35 years’ experience in many aspects of business, from establishing his own successful companies to banking and large scale international development – in wonderful & interesting places like Egypt and Sudan – but has travelling extensively in the Middle East and working around the world (China, the US, Europe, Africa). He has a strong professional interest in agribusiness and regional growth and is heard to reflect regularly on the lack of long-term thinking in Australia and visionary projects. 

John has academic qualifications, including post graduate research, in commerce, international investment, management and finance.

Specialty: A love of Business Development (creating options & opportunity), Creating Competitive Advantage and IP Development

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