Grow Your Personal Brand

Grow Your Personal Brand

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How to be remembered, remarked upon and revered.

We all want to be remembered, but what does personal branding really mean and how do we do it with punch?

In this insightful presentation, BEC Business Advisor Casey Wilson is joined by our amazing guest speaker Monica as she decodes the science of a killer personal brand, showing audiences how to stand out, cut through and leave a memorable impression. You will learn:

  • Monica’s unique TREE formula to creating a brilliant and memorable personal brand
  • Monica’s 7 step formula to becoming recognisable through mainstream media
  • How to pimp your personal brand using your social media platforms

About Guest Speaker, Monica Rosenfeld

Monica can sniff out a news story for any business, anywhere, anytime. She is a media whisperer, exceptional communicator and a lover of helping businesses shine. She began her TV production career in Europe after which she worked as a Producer on Channel Nine’s Getaway and A Current Affair. This is where she learnt how NOT to do PR.

From here Monica created a PR agency, WordStorm PR and for 20 years she’s been helping businesses with their biggest problem – how to stand head and shoulders above their competition in a crowded market.

Monica brings over two decades of media experience to her presentations and her insider secrets have taken many businesses to new heights. Using storytelling and whip-smart humour, Monica has a way of making complex concepts simple and leaves audiences feeling excited and inspired to use her practical frameworks to grow their business.

About Your Host, Casey Wilson

Casey has been working in the marketing and events industry for 11 years with a passion for helping small to medium businesses achieve their marketing and event goals. Casey holds a Bachelor of Business specialising in Marketing and Organisation Communication and has 11 years on the job training and experience.

2 thoughts on “Grow Your Personal Brand

  1. I started watching it and Monica was great. But had to jump off due to time. When I went to watch the end I couldn’t log back in.

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