The Business of Grants – find out more

The Business of Grants – find out more

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss is about?

Have you watched as other businesses and community groups excitedly share their successes with funding their ideas and growth strategies?

Have you listened to opportunities and grants on offer that sounds like something that your business could use yet you aren’t sure how to go about accessing it?

Are you at your wit’s end as to where to next, let alone how to start the process?

It is not luck that gets you, your business, or group funding. It is also not just a great business or idea that guarantees an application is considered let alone be successful.

This session will give you an understanding of what you should consider, how the process might work for you, what your next steps should be, and hopefully reignite your passion for growth after 2020.

From this session specialist professional advisors (government-funded) through the BEC will be available to book to assist you with most aspects of your business.

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About our guest speaker

With a strong background in business and business development, Nicole McHenry specialises in helping bring ideas and concepts into reality on a foundation built for the long haul.

With a knack for identifying and finding clever solutions to business challenges, at startup and during exponential growth, she has businesses tracking in the right direction, achieving their potential and then some.

Her strength is in listening. Your goals, your vision. Translating systems and processes into everyday workable solutions so businesses can align (or realign), getting onto doing what they set out to do without getting stuck in the compliance or processes which so often derail. Beyond business plans, cashflows and funding, she draws from a diverse network ensuring exciting, innovative collaboration opportunities.

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