Finding balance, reclaim hours in your business

Finding balance, reclaim hours in your business

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Lisa understands the juggle of being a parent and running multiple businesses at once. Learn her top tips and tools to reclaim hours back from your business.

This webinar will cover:

  1. How it is possible to have it all – being a connected happy parent AND a business success
  2. However lets explore the pitfalls and where you can lose energy and time and money
  3. Lisa’s story of being a struggling mumpreneur and how her solution could change your life too
  4. The new way to run a business (scaling and automating model)
  5. Lisa’s top 5 tips for getting support at home
  6. 5 online platforms that can change your business

About your Presenter – Lisa Laing

Lisa is an E-commerce Expert Coach and Strategist. She’s built 2 x multi-million dollar brands, won a raft of business awards, and been featured in publications all over the world. Her biggest success story is creating the world’s most eco friendly baby nappy brand, Ecoriginals. She now specialises in supporting women growing their online brands. Whilst growing more than 7 companies in the last decade, she has also raised one daughter and 5 step-children, so knows all about the juggle of being a mum and running businesses! If you are interested in starting (or scaling!) an online brand, Lisa is your go-to expert.