Emily Doig

Emily Doig

Based in Albury, Emily Doig has 15 years of experience in online retail and eCommerce and joins BEC Business Advice as a Business Advisor delivering services under both the Business Connect and Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Digital Solutions programs.

Her expertise ranges from start-ups and scaling online brands, to selling and exiting a business.

Emily is an expert in product development, branding, product marketing, eCommerce and customer experience, and has a passion for creating lean, automated and profitable businesses.

Fluent in boardroom speak but more comfortable with a relaxed approach, Emily’s spirited and honest delivery appeals to all stages of business.

Emily Doig’s expertise

  • Online retail
  • eCommerce
  • Start-up and business intenders
  • Scaling online brands
  • Selling or exiting a business
  • Product development
  • Product marketing
  • Branding
  • Customer experience

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2 thoughts on “Emily Doig

  1. Emily’s webinar, “Kick Starting Your Business Online in 2022” was fantastic. So honest and straightforward. Her slide presentation was clear and unambiguous. She talks my kind of language!
    I’m currently building our real website (on WordPress.org, sorry, Emily!) but will have to take a look at Square Space. I know our temporary website at WordPress.com is bad, but I can’t put the time into that and build our new one! Perhaps I should fix what people are seeing right now!
    Thank you, Emily.

    1. Hi and thank you for your feedback. We do appreciate you taking the time and we will pass it on to Emily and I’m sure it will make her day. Thanks again! Michael

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