For those affected by drought

For those affected by drought
Dought affected farmland. Image courtesy CSIRO.

While it is generally no longer front-page news, many parts of Australia (including in the Riverina, Murray, and far west of NSW) are still classified as drought-affected in 2021. You can view a map of NSW that highlights what areas are still affected by clicking here.

To all that have worked in areas affected by drought, it is very clear that many more businesses and households than just farmers are suffer. These include pubs, clubs, corner stores, agricultural suppliers, and the list goes on.

The small amount of good news for these communities is that there is still some assistance available. We continue to search for information on drought assistance and will provide updates as new information comes to hand.

Drought Assistance Fund

  • Provider: NSW State Government
  • Assistance website address: Click here
  • Closing date: As of May 2021 the fund has approved $166,976,177 worth of funding with $33,023,823 remaining to be allocated.

From 1 July 2020 the NSW Government has lifted the cap for the Drought Assistance Fund (DAF) to $100,000 per primary producer.

The NSW Government is offering interest-free loans to primary producers to implement systems and management practices that enhance the sustainability of their farm business. The loan term is seven years and there are no repayments required in the first two years. This loan will fund:

  • the transport of stock, fodder, and water
  • genetic banking of breeding herds
  • installation of on-farm fodder and water infrastructure
  • activities that promote profitability and resilience as a result of the on-farm investment

Drought Community Support Initiative

  • Provider: St Vincent De Paul
  • Assistance website address: Click here
  • Closing date: Still open as of 14 May 2021 but funds are running out

The Australian Government Drought Community Support Initiative Round 2 provides financial assistance to farmers, farmworkers, contractors, and suppliers impacted by drought in eligible Local Government Areas. Eligible recipients receive a one-off $3000 cash payment.

BEC Business Advice Drought Assistance Initiative for Farmers & Other affected Businesses

Recognising that we are not an agency that can collect or provide financial funding to those affected by drought, we instead endeavor to offer help where we can. As providers of the NSW Government’s Business Connect program, you can contact us for advice on the decisions you are faced with in times of drought, or for assistance and guidance on finding and applying for some of the assistance that is available. Send us a note or contact a Business Advisor for more information.

NSW-based drought assistance

  • Provider: NSW State Government (various)
  • Assistance website address: Click here
  • Closing date: Varies

The NSW Government Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has collected information on a range of financial assistance programs for those affected by drought. These include:



  • Animal Welfare Transport Subsidy
  • Donated Fodder Transport
  • Drought Transport Subsidy
  • Farm Business Skills Professional Development Program
  • On-Farm Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate
  • Skills training for drought affected farmers and businesses


  • Bee Site Permit
  • Primary Producer Heavy Vehicle Registration Savings
  • Farm Innovation Fund Interest Charges
  • Grazing permit waiver
  • NSW Local Land Services Rates
  • Water Licences
  • Wild Dog Fence

Other drought initiatives

  • Drought Communities Program
  • Farm Household Allowance
  • Farm Management Deposits
  • Heavy Vehicle Access Grants
  • Heavy Vehicle Access Permits
  • Household Water Supply
  • Mental Health Sports Fund
  • Preschool drought funding
  • Taxation Measures
  • Water Infrastructure Development Fund
  • Weather and Climate Guides



  • Assistance Near You Map
  • Drought Feed Calculator App
  • Drought Hub Website
  • Farm Tracker App
  • Freight Watch

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