Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Find out how easy it is to start your own digital journey. What you can do to make yourself more ‘visible’ online, and some of the low effort, high reward tactics that could just take your business to the next level!

About presenter Sean McCoy

Outgoing and dedicated are two words that quickly come to mind when describing Rock Solid’s Marketing Director, Sean McCoy. Having grown up in rural Victoria, he knows just how hard it is for businesses to get the access they deserve to qualified and skilled marketers and just how important it is to make sure the marketing services that they do receive…. really do work.

“Having experienced firsthand just how hard it is to source the required skills in regional Australia, I knew that this was an area where we could really make a positive impact for regionally based business.”

With almost 20 years in telecommunications, finance and international trade experience, Sean rounds it all off with a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Western Australia. Having built two successful businesses before Rock Solid Marketing, he understands the absolute need for maintaining tight control over spending, but also the necessity of promoting yourself to not only your current clients, but also the ability to be found by new prospects in different markets.

“When 94% of all purchase decisions start with a Google search, you really need to be visible online. This is where we excel and we have many examples of how we have been able to take our clients from relative obscurity, to search engine nirvana – being high up on page 1.”

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