Deborah McAlister

Deborah McAlister
Deborah McAlister

Deb delivers the Enterprise Cyber Secure (ECS) program for the BEC, with the aim of showing businesses how to stay safe online.

ECS will be running webinars with information on how to stay safe online as well as educating businesses on the pitfalls if they ignore cybersecurity. As we move more and more to online shopping, transactions, working from home, banking, and online meetings ECS is wanting to make sure that at the very least business start to take cyber security seriously and not think “it won’t happen to me”. The main aim for this program is to educate and prevent businesses from being in the dark from cyber security attacks.

Deb has assisted clients and the BEC alike with the creation and use of Social Media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, as well as Google+ business pages, start to finish and can help with the setup and use of new pages.

Deb helps businesses with marketing strategies and shows them how to use social media platforms that are suitable for their business. Cutting out all the platforms that might not be suitable for their business, showing businesses that what might be good for one might not be suitable for them. Showing how to reach their customer on the social media platforms, that works for them. Each business is individual, helping clients reach their customers on the correct platform that their customer is using. Also showing the use of insights and analytics to work for them. Teaching the clients how to use the various social media platforms’ analytics and insights to help them with their posts and marketing strategies.

Deb has managed a variety of Businesses from office, retail to self-storage sites on the Central Coast of NSW as well as having a position on the marketing team for the self-storage company she managed. This team covered the marketing for all of NSW Sites. Has worked overseas and has traveled and worked in various locations once back in Sydney and married due to her partner’s position. In most of her positions while working for others she has either managed teams or set up offices from start to training staff and handing over to managers. During one of the moves, kids came along so Deb ran her own business of desktop publishing as well as offering admin/marketing. Recognising there was a void for Specialist Doctors reports needing to be completed when their secretaries were away. Not all temps were ready to type up reports for specialists, this is where I found a niche in the market. Due to previous office management experience of working with surgeons and occasionally filling in on typing up quick reports years earlier that became handy for another offering to my small business at the time. Also created marketing portfolios as well as information on a variety of businesses that included Engineering firms, Cad Draftspersons.


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