Cyber Security Workshops for Small Business

Cyber Security Workshops for Small Business

48% – almost half!

Data breaches caused by human error

Don’t be an easy target

Does this sound like your business?

Is my website secure?

An SSL certificate installed on your website helps ensure secure communications with customers, including contact and payment information.

I don’t know if my business information is protected

Business information should be backed up automatically and regularly with the backup stored safely off-site. There are many tools (including free ones) that can be used. 

Am I using passwords where I should, and are they strong enough?

Every time you protect your data, it is a roadblock for those who would steal it. Using passwords or pins to log into all your business devices is a good start. Stronger again than a password by itself is Two-Factor Authentication (aka 2FA). 

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Limited places are available now in Albury, Wagga, Tumbarumba and Narrandera.

Is my mobile equipment safe?

Like computers, your mobile devices should require you to sign in each time you use them, and lock automatically when unattended. Ideally, they can be tracked, locked or wiped remotely if lost or stolen, and Wifi hotspots should not be used to send sensitive data.

Other areas to look at
  • Am I protected from Malware damage?
  • Am I protected from phishing and pharming attacks?
  • Where can I get help if a cyber attack has happened in my business?
  • What do I do if information such as customer data is stolen?
  • Do my staff know how to keep my business data safe as well?

What can you do?

Within 1 hour, you’ll walk away knowing that your business is no longer an easy target for cyber hackers.

Cyber Security Workshops for Small Business

We will show you the basics to protect your business and personal accounts. Our experts will be on hand so you can make the changes on the spot.

  • Face-to-face workshop
  • Get your questions answered in person
  • Bring your smartphone and laptop

Albury ~ Wagga ~ Narrandera ~ Tumbarumba

*Breakfast provided*

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Limited places available now in Albury, Wagga, Tumbarumba and Narrandera.

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Deborah Wakeling - Digital Business advisor

Deb Wakeling is an Advisor with our Digital Solutions team and has experience in the communications, event management, retail, hospitality, and not-for-profits industries.

Deb focuses on practical solutions for business owners to address business issues such as cyber security, time management, and work-life balance.

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