Creating conversations – Get more customers using word of mouth

Creating conversations – Get more customers using word of mouth

Q. What if 90% of your customers, referred your business to someone else.

How much would that save you, in time, money, worry?

In our upcoming workshop Creating Conversations–Get More Customers Using Word of Mouth, we feature one business who has done just this, and the way they did it will NOT BE WHAT YOU EXPECT.

In fact, this workshop will not be what you expect.

Let’s look at an example like customer service. If you think that something like great customer service is the answer, then consider this:

How many businesses do you know who are NOT aiming to deliver great customer service?

Customer service is certainly an important component of your business, but just how good does it have to be to cause 90% of your customers to refer your business to others?

What more commonly happens is, a customer buys something from you, they receive great customer service, which is exactly what they expect from a business, say no more.

Often, they would be more likely to talk about your business, if that customer service experience was terrible.

Now we all know, that at times customers talk about a great customer service experience. Maybe you went above and beyond to help someone, and they appreciated it enough to tell others.

That’s great, but it’s not easy to replicate. Think about the time and effort it took, and then think about replicating that time and effort with every one of your customers. It’s a nice goal, but it could also be impossible.

In addition, the circumstances that allow you to go above and beyond for a customer are circumstantial, meaning you would have to wait for the next set of “right” circumstances to come around before replicating your “above and beyond” customer service.

So how do you do implement a change in your business, that puts you above the pack, makes you stand out, differentiates you not only from your competitors but from every other business out there who are competing with you for the time and attention of potential customers?

That’s a lot of noise.

Creating Conversations is a workshop you should attend, only if you are prepared to think outside the box.

In return, we will give you many examples of businesses who are already doing this and reaping the rewards.

We will be sharing the work of key figures and thought leaders, and the methods and templates they use, that you can use as well.

We hope to see you there.

Michael & Avril

Digital Support team.


Workshop – Creating Conversations – Get More Customers Using Word of Mouth


Wednesday 13th March 2019



BEC Business Advice

66-70 Coleman St, Wagga Wagga



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