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BEC Specialists

There’s a lot involved in running a business. Delivering your core service or product might not require you to be an expert in things like IT, marketing, finance or process optimisation…but they’re probably necessary to running your business.

Since the BEC Specialists have all been business owners, we’ve collected skills, knowledge and resources that helped accomplish the tasks required to build our core activity into a success…and we want to help you do the same.

Below is a bit of info about each of us. Get in touch to tell us how we can help.

Terry Inglis
A mobile consultant working across the WEST RIVERINA area, Terry specialises in BUSINESS PLANNING, CUSTOMER CARE and MANAGEMENT.
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John Elgin
Based in ALBURY, John travels often to assist with BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT and create COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE
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Kevin Bascomb
MARKETING and BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT are Kevin's area of expertise, helping people around the ALBURY region.
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Rowena Jackson
BUSINESS ADVICE and MARKETING are Rowena's areas of expertise, helping the operators of DENILIQUIN with their business needs.
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Deborah McAlister
Operating from the ALBURY office, Deb specialises in SOCIAL MEDIA, MARKETING and ACCOUNTING.
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Michael Douglass - Head of Digital Solutions Program
Michael Douglass
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David Yeates
An expert in RETAIL and BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, David works within the WAGGA WAGGA business community.
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Site Resources

There’s a lot we can help with, so get in touch to tell us about your business.

Foundation & Growth
Make your way through our site based on your business status. Whether you’re just thinking of working for yourself, already established or outgrowing your foundation, you’ll find the info that’s right for you.

Workshops & Training
These workshops represent a handful of the skills you can gain through BEC. Need help with social media? How about keeping track of finances? Have a look at our calendar to see what’s on and book a spot.

Specialist Services
Sometimes, we have to get help with certain things. Whether it’s resolving a dispute or writing a grant application, our advice, forms and documents can help.

BEC Business Advice South & West NSW provides confidential, independent business advice and skills training for small and medium businesses across South & West NSW as part of the NSW Government’s Business Connect program.

Australian Small Business Advisory Services Program (ASBAS) and Digital Solutions program supports the Australian Government’s commitment to enhance the capabilities of local small businesses. It delivers low cost, high quality and digital advisory services to Australian Small Businesses in the metropolitan and regional areas across four priority digital capabilities.

  • Websites and selling online
  • Social media and digital marketing
  • Using small business software
  • Online security and data privacy