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Slideshow Presentations to Impress

Do you struggle with creating the quality slideshows you see others presenting? Do you find your attendees lose interest and disengage from your presentations? You’re not quite sure what you should or shouldn’t put on a slide? Are you new to slideshows and want to start out on the right foot from the get-go? Look […]


Your Customer is the Hero – Not You

If you want your customer to buy from you, tell their story not your story. Your customer has a problem and it is up to you to help them to solve it. Who you are and what you do does not matter, it is how you can make your customer feel that is the most […]


Be a Laser Beam and Attract the Customers You Want

Are you a laser beam or a light bulb business? A light bulb business offers their goods and services to everyone and, ends up getting the wrong type of customers, and then wonders why they can’t attract the customers they want. A laser beam business intimately understands who their customer is, and everything they do […]


How to Write A Successful Grant – 2 Week Masterclass – Part 2

Write a great grant by learning that it is not what you write but how you write so you can tell the story they want to hear. Writing a successful grant is a science in itself. Presenter, Kathie Heyman will share her winning techniques that have helped her clients win over 1.5 million in grants. […]


How to Write A Successful Grant – 2 Week Masterclass – Part 1

Learn how to develop a system, plan and gain clarity about your project aims, so you can write a successful grant. Presenter, Kathie Heyman will share with you her Get Ready Grant Template and her winning techniques to getting ready to write a great grant. This webinar is limited to 20 people and will be […]