Case Study – Anne from Effective Behaviour Management

Case Study – Anne from Effective Behaviour Management
Anne from Effective Behaviour Management

What is Effective Behaviour Management’s purpose?

Helps parents and teachers to effect positive changes in their children’s’ behaviour in ways that help them gain the most from their schooling and life. Their services are delivered via online courses, interactive coaching and individualised consulting. 


Anne has a background in teaching with a special interest in adolescent behavioural management. Her work as a Year Advisor and then as a Behaviour Specialist gave her a real insight into understanding what goes on in the minds of children with challenging behaviours. 

Anne saw first hand the problems that challenging and difficult behaviours created for everyone concerned, especially the social isolation that children with challenging behaviour would inevitably experience. She saw so many tragic outcomes that could have been very different if those children, their families and the professionals working with them had the support they needed. 

Anne also saw how hard it was for parents and professionals to get support and training when they needed it. Time and logistics were always the problem. Finding the time to attend courses, read through books and notes, getting authorisation, approval for payment and so many other hoops to jump through made access to professional development overwhelming. She could see parents and professionals needed practical, hands on strategies they could use straight away. 

As a result, Anne developed her own bespoke program and decided that, after 17 years working in the NSW Education Department, it was time to embark on her own business venture. Effective Behaviour Management was born but the challenge now was to segue from employee to entrepreneur. Enter the BEC and Business Connect.  

Kevin’s advice

With no prior business experience, Anne did not know how to turn an idea into a reality.  Anne found the BEC advisory service incredibly helpful. She started business coaching with Kevin Bascomb, who helped her develop her business plan. Deb McAlister and Casey Wilson helped Anne navigate the world of digital and social media marketing. Jodie Ryan helped launch Anne into the world of NDIS, which is now a big part of her business.   


After the setbacks of covid, Anne’s business has had a strong start for 2021. She has a bank of NDIS and private clients that keep her busy and provide a steadily growing income.  

Final comments

Anne’s business is still the early stages, and is steadily evolving thanks to the support she received early on from BEC. With all the challenges of covid, Anne attributes her ability to sustain her business through the support and guidance provided by BEC, and looks forward to going from strength to strength 

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