Business Names

Business Names

Did you know? WD-40, the well-known water-displacement product, got its name from the formula they used to make it. The 40th formula they experimented with worked!

Getting a business name for your business is something most new businesses will want to do at some stage, but it is not compulsory for all businesses.

Whether you need to formally register a business name or not will depend on your business structure.

How to work out if you need to register a business name

Not all businesses use the same formula, so some will and some won’t. The simplest way could be to talk to one of our business advisors.

You can do this for free as we are a locally-based not-for-profit that has been providing business advice to new and existing businesses since the 1980s.

We can talk about how best to structure your business, as well as any other requirements or considerations there may be, including:

  • How to best set up your business
  • Can you use your existing ABN, or do you need to register one?
  • Do you need to register a business name?
  • Do you need to protect your business name?
  • Do you need to register for GST?

Once you have a Business advisor they will be available to you at any time to help answer those questions that will no doubt come up.

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