BEC 2020-21 Annual Update

BEC 2020-21 Annual Update

BEC Business Advice has released its 2020-21 Annual Update which provides a summary of the key activities they have undertaken in the past financial year.

The report makes public a range of statistics related to the BEC’s interactions with businesses across the regions of Riverina, Murray, Snowy Valleys and Far-West NSW. In addition, there are updates on various towns and projects that occurred over the past year.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has (and continues to be) a major concern for business owners (and the BEC), the report does highlight the fact that many in our own neck of the woods are pushing on, largely with a sense of optimism and proactivity.

John Elgin, Managing Director of BEC Business Advice said “The regions are rising…housing is exploding, trades have never been busier, smart technologies are having an increasing impact, and local producers are gaining more direct access to consumers, some for the first time ever. This will continue and gather pace”.

When speaking on the challenges of the coming year, John said “we hope we make more good decisions than bad and be nimble enough to pivot when we need to. We are here to help when businesses need it”.

David Yeates, part of the senior management team with the BEC said: “With the current lockdowns, the next six months until vaccinations are up to a level the governments feel comfortable with, we need to live with the current challenges and use this time to plan for the other side of this pandemic. Look for opportunities to upscale, pivot or prepare for new business openings”.

David added, “Hospitality and tourism have been greatly affected by the pandemic and we all need to keep this in mind. Maybe eat out one extra time a week, or spend a weekend away in the next town”.

Some key statistics from the report include

  • 18.6% of clients in the past year represented the retail sector. Healthcare/social assistance, arts/recreation, professional/scientific/technical, and accommodation/food services were also major sectors.
  • 30% of business owners reported Business Planning as their major issue. Other major issues included Starting a New business, Marketing, Access to Finance, and Digital Presence.
  • BEC Business advice worked with 1,903 business from the Riverina, Murray, Snowy Valleys and Far-West NSW regions of NSW, delivering 4,718 hours of 1-1 consultation.
  • 116 workshops, webinars and events were conducted, with 3,237 attendees.

More Information

The full version of the BEC 2020-21 Annual Update is available for download here or web version here.

For all media enquiries, please contact Avril Douglass.

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