Be a Laser Beam and Attract the Customers You Want

Be a Laser Beam and Attract the Customers You Want

Are you a laser beam or a light bulb business?

A light bulb business offers their goods and services to everyone and, ends up getting the wrong type of customers, and then wonders why they can’t attract the customers they want.

A laser beam business intimately understands who their customer is, and everything they do is to attract their perfect customer no exception. Which one are you?

BEC Business Advisor Kathie Heyman will share with you how you can let go of being everything to everyone, remove the fear of saying no and grow your business by attracting your perfect customer.

About your presenter

Kathie Heyman is passionate about helping small business people believe in their potential so they can live a life they love. With over 25+ years in business, she has worked in a range of different industries with small and large businesses. She has an in-depth understanding of how business works and, most importantly, building a business that works.

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