Advice on Digital Business

Advice on Digital Business

A popular service delivered by BEC Business Advice is our Digital Solutions program.

For your business, this could include:

  • online (digital) marketing
  • social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn
  • online (digital) advertising
  • websites
  • eCommerce (shopping) websites
  • Choosing and using software to enhance your business
  • Data security
  • Online privacy
  • and much more

By utilising the Australian Government’s ASBAS Digital Solutions program, we are able to deliver subsidised, low cost, high quality and digital advisory services to regional businesses.

Not sure where to start? Try a Business Digital Assessment

If you are new to the digital and online world or are looking for a clearer picture of how digitally ‘equipped’ your business really is, then you might be interested in a free Digital Assessment.

A Digital Assessment will measure your business across 4 key areas: 1. Websites and selling online, 2. Social media and digital marketing, 3. Using small business software, and 4. Online security and data privacy.

Upon completion, you will receive a report complete with a list of priorities and suggested actions.

Digital Planning

With so many possibilities and opportunities, your business may benefit from the development of a Digital Plan. One of our Digital Advisors can help develop a plan specifically tailored for your business.

$44 Digital Business Pack

Gain access to over $1,000 in services and assistance by purchasing our Digital Business Pack.

Why so cheap?

These services are subsidised by the Australian Government through the Digital Solutions – Australian Small Business Advisory Services. This service provides experienced and qualified Digital Advisors to work with you to adopt digital tools, to save you time and money, and to help grow your business.

For more information or to get started

Contact one of our advisors from our Digital Solutions team. We are located in Albury and Wagga Wagga and are also available for online consultations.

Casey Wilson

Casey Wilson

Casey Wilson is part of the Digital Solutions team at BEC Business Advice and helps deliver the Australian Small Business…

Colin Taggart

Colin Taggart

Colin Taggart is part of the Digital Solutions team at BEC Business Advice and helps deliver the Australian Small Business…

Emily Doig

Emily Doig

Based in Albury, Emily Doig has 15 years of experience in online retail and eCommerce and joins BEC Business Advice…

Michael Douglass

Michael Douglass

Michael Douglass is a Digital Advisor and leads the ASBAS Digital Solutions program for BEC Business Advice across the Riverina,…

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