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Nothing tells the story of our success quite as well as the success of our clients. Some of our clients’ words are below, scattered among brief case studies to help describe what we do to earn their kind words.

Keep an eye on this page, because our goal is to add more testimonials and more case studies as they come.

If you’re interested on having some of your words and info featured on this page, let us know. Then we’ll work together to accomplish something great!

NOTE: The case summaries below aren’t paired with testimonials resulting from that project.

Looking forward to joining this great group when I bring my
business “Lunch Boxes With Love” down in June.



Years ago, we prepared a business plan for a client’s business and worked with the business through implementation. The plan included three-month, six-month and twelve-month objectives.

Together, we monitored and updated achievements, helping to keep the business owner ‘on track’ and working ON the business. By continuing with the program for a few years, the business has prospered, and the owner now understands the necessity of working ON the business, rather than IN the business.

Awesome to see business ‘here to help small business’, well done!



We worked with a large client who had large, regular monthly payments – one to a major supplier, another for fortnightly wages and a third to the ATO.

In this instance we advised the client to prepare a rolling, monthly cashflow tracker for the financial year. We also advised the client to prepare a daily cashflow tracker for the next 21 days. This enabled the client to keep cashflow under control and there were no nasty surprises.

Thanks for the advice!



We assisted a client to review all sales made under a defined gross profit percentage through their point-of-sale (POS) exception report. Initially, this was done daily, and all items were examined. Three things had occurred:

The report is now prepared on a weekly basis, and regularly contains no exception entries. This exercise added $40,000 to the business’s Gross Profit, increasing overall profitability by the same amount – $40,000.

Very helpful organisation.



This client was a café owner located on a busy highway who did not have EFTPOS transaction capability. We worked with the them to increase their understanding and comfort to install and use EFTPOS resources.

Sales increased by 19%, almost overnight. Most of us carry little cash and rely on credit cards, even for relatively small amounts. The client then understood that WHAT your business offers is just as important as HOW your business offers it.

Great assistance for small business owners, providing advice and mentoring for all business topics.



This client illustrates a lesson in standing by your product, even if you’re not the producer. This client is a retailer of white goods.

A 15-month-old washing machine stopped working, and contact was made with our client to book a service call. A service representative arrived to look at the machine and discovered there was a manufacturer defect issue. An offer was made to deliver a new washing machine later that day or first thing the next morning!



Your business is unique, and here are some of the ways we can help.

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