Media Library

This is the place where you can find media content. Some of it is produced by us, and some is content produced by other sources we thought would be helpful to you as a business operator.

We might also throw in a survey every now and again to mix things up a bit and get your feedback, opinions or concerns about certain topics.

You’ll also find links below to some online workshops we recorded. This is something new that we’re trying, so be sure to share your thoughts on any new workshop content.

While we don’t agree with everything in this YouTube video, we do value it’s motive and think that it’s well-made and helpful to people who are considering a new business.

We love that it emphasises the idea of getting other specialists involved to help with the things that are unfamiliar territory.

Building a network of professionals, and potentially customers, is a great idea too. Learning to adapt, focusing on goals and believing in yourself is a must.

When things get tough, get in touch. We’ve been there before.

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