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Here you’ll find a bit more than just ‘the news.’ This is where we’ll post content about case studies, good news stories, noteworthy events, industry commentary and possibly some content that will shock you.

Interested to find out how your business is doing in the digital space? TAKE YOUR BUSINESS DIGITAL FITNESS TEST Please
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Assistance for NSW Businesses on NSW-Victoria Border Impacted by the Container Deposit Scheme
The tourist refund scheme gives you the opportunity to increase your sales to international travellers. 
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Presenting our new look!
Welcome to our new website! We’re very happy that you’ve decided to visit. And check out our new logo too!
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Are you looking for meeting or training rooms to hire?
Riverina Business Enterprise Centre has meeting and training rooms available at their Centre, 66-70 Coleman Street Wagga Wagga. 
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Murray Darling Economic Diversification Fund
The Murray Darling Basic Regional Economic Diversification Program has funding available from the Australia Government
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