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The BEC mission – your business will benefit in the way it needs most.

Whether you’re here for a marketing workshop or for help applying to a grant, you’ll have access to the resources you need most.

To accompany the resources, your BEC Specialists bring an enormous amount of expertise – from diverse industries and across various disciplines

The truth is…this degree of business advice, for this subsidised price, is something you won’t find anywhere else.


For everything from business processes to cash flow management – we’ve got a Specialist for that. The BEC Specialists are all current, or previous, business owners, and they truly understand all aspects of running a business.


We receive subsidy funding form the Australian Government and New South Wales State Government. This equates to you paying very little, if anything at all, for the mentoring and training opportunities available from the BEC.

It’s all about adding value to you and your business.

We receive funding from the Australian and New South Wales State Governments. This allows us to provide subsided advice, mentoring and training to you.


We work very hard to make our skills, knowledge and expertise transferrable to you. There are various training formats available to you as well. Workshops, presentations and one-on-one sessions make up the majority. Ask about our online delivery!

Single Service

You don’t have to get frustrated by repeatedly telling consultants from different services about your business. The BEC Specialists work closely together, and with you, across various aspects of your business…all under one roof.

Best Practice

Since the BEC Specialists work in partnership with business from various industries, we understand current best practice methods and processes. This gives us the ability to consider practices from other industries for your business.


Most of our clients come to us with new business ideas. Fresh concepts for products and services often require innovative business processes to carry out. The BEC Specialists’ knowledge base of fresh concepts is tough to top.



Your business is unique, and here are some of the ways we can help.

Learn about the BEC Specialists and how their experience can benefit you. Remember, we cover a large area – Gundagai to Broken Hill.

Workshops & Training
These workshops represent a handful of the skills you can gain through BEC. Need help with social media? How about keeping track of finances? Have a look at our calendar to see what’s on and book a spot.

Our business community
Being active in your local business community offers lots of benefits. From start-up to exit, the experts in your area have done it all. Tap into the advice, referrals and alliances your network has to offer.