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Michael Phelan

Born and raised in Wagga Wagga, Michael Phelan is the Director and Business Advisor /…

Trish Talob

Businesses in NSW & ACT can access free advice from Trish Talob via our business grants program. Contact Trish for more information.

Tim Gibney

Businesses can receive free digital business advice from Tim Gibney via the Digital Solutions program from BEC Business Advice.

Colin Taggart

Colin Taggart is an online media, marketing & comms specialist who helps deliver the Digital Solutions program for BEC Business Advice.

Michael Douglass

Michael is experienced in using a range of digital solutions to improve businesses including websites & selling online, social media, and digital marketing.

David Yeates

David’s experience is in franchising, retail, corporate operation, sales & wholesale with high-profile retailers.

Darren Vowles

Businesses across NSW & ACT can access free assistance from Darren Vowles via our Grants to Business program. Contact Darren for more info.

John Elgin

John is the Managing Director and focuses on administering the business, advising & creating opportunities for clients.

Chris McKee

Chris has a diverse background spanning operational, leadership and strategic roles across 25 years in…

Deborah Wakeling

Deborah Wakeling is an advisor with our Digital Solutions team. You can meet with her for free using our free digital advice program.

Casey Wilson

Casey has been working in the marketing and events industry for 10 years and in…